Kerala Student's Fraternity in Delhi University

Delhi University is a collegiate public central university, which was founded in 1922 by an Act of the central legislative assembly. Even during its initial years, DU fulfilled the higher education dreams of students from Kerala. During 1922 to 2018,  from a few Kerala Students the count has risen to a considerable 500.

Maithry’ is a Kerala student’ s collective formed in 2005 to help students dealing with the life in DU, study methodology, cultural shock, etc which is a far cry from the Kerala scenario. Maithry has become a ‘home away from home’ for those ‘malayali’ students who have come this far to saw the seeds of success. Maithry paves way for these students to utilize the window of opportunities DU provides and have the best of both worlds. ‘MAITHRY’ has become a synonym for Keralites in Delhi University.


In an attempt to maintain a decent CGPA and attend classes, students have little choice than  giving up  celebrations at home. Maithry celebrates various festivals  like Onam, Ramsan, Christmas,  awakening nostalgia in the minds of students. These festivals
are celebrated along with the rhythm of dance, music, sports events , competitions and last but not the least, ends with a delicious and sumptuous Kerala ‘sadhya’.


Functions of Maithry is not just limited to celebrations and get-togethers, rather we conduct interactive sessions for students in which luminaries in different field of expertise are invited. These sessions enlighten the students to think out of the box and impart
knowledge.The great poet K.Satchidanandan, K.R.Mira, Shashi Taroor, N. Premachandran, N. N. Omcheri, U N disaster risk reduction chief Muralee Thummarukudi, civil service officers like N. Prasanth I A S, Hamna Mariyam I F S, Muzammil Khan I A S etc. have enlightened the students with their presence and knowledge.


Though the University of Delhi is acclaimed to be one of the best in the country, limited seats are available for the students seeking college hostels. Students are forced to take up rather expensive lodging facilities which obstruct their dream of continuing in Delhi because of the high expenditure. At this critical juncture, Maithry offers a helping hand in the form of a scholarship, the Aslam Sanin Kennette Memorial Maithry Scholorship . Last year, 6 students were awarded the same and one of the main agendas of Maithry 2019 is to reach out to a larger number of deserving students.


Maithry has left it’s own imprints in the field of Arts and Sports. The innovative programmes organized by mythri like the film festival, football tournament etc were a huge success. Also the meme-making competition and online photography competition had positive receptions, closely bonding the Malayali student folks in Delhi University.

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